The National Museum of Denmark

Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday, Mark took me out to brunch and then to the National Museum. I'd never been and I totally nerded out over their collection! Old Norse jewelry, 18th century interiors, a whole wing of dollhouses, everyday emphera and folk art. One of my favourites was the medieval wedding rings, they traditionally had two hands holding each other or a heart. So cute! They also have an impressive ancient Egyptian and Greek art collection as well. I just love old stuff. There are a ton more photos here and if you are in the area I'd definitely recommend a visit. Mark also made me an amazing dinner - bean and fennel muffins, deconstructed lasagne and panna cotta with honey and orange. Did I mention I have the best husband to be?

I was a bit sad to miss the Oscars last night (I wanted to make these) but spent some time catching up this morning and am really pleased with the winners! I have to agree with everyone that Cate Blanchett's dress was the best but I also liked Michelle William's and surprisingly Mandy Moore's outfits. I'm not quite sure why I like the Oscars as much as I do but I just do. Doesn't take much to make me happy, I guess.

Portfolio website

Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been working hard this week on grad school and job applications. One of the things I've been working on is putting together a portfolio website, a challenge for this low-tech girl. Luckily, Apple's iWeb is pretty foolproof for creating a simple website so I've been using that. I'm not done tweaking it yet but here is a little sneak peek. It's been really hard editing down what to put in so if anyone has an ideas on which work of mine you like better than others then please let me know. I'll try to post a set on my flickr with what I've narrowed it down to so far. I'm hoping to finish off these applications by this weekend and so I can fit in some fun things too. Happy weekend!

A week of valentines

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As I mentioned, I declared last week to be Valentine's week instead of just Valentine's day so I would have time to get more in the spirit. I'm really not sure why Valentine's day is so controversial, I think it's really nice to celebrate your loved ones and the little things in life. Plus February is so dreary that it's nice to brighten it up with yummy treats and pretty things. I decided to set myself a budget of around $10 and go to the dollar store to pick up some craft supplies to see how far I could get. I had some grandiose ideas but in reality here's what I came up with:

Classic candy that I brought back from Canada put in a little glass jar with a note tied on with yarn.

Doily and yarn garland, made by threading yarn from my knitting stash through a pack of doilies and hung up across the living room.

A heart mug that I found at the dollar store with a heart coaster cut out of felt, to surprise Mark at tea time.

Sugar cookie hearts, made with a kid's baking set from the dollar store that came with a heart cookie cutter.

A valentine and heart confetti that arrived in the mail from Allie. I sprinkled the heart confetti all over the place. Thanks, Al!

Next year I am definitely going to give myself more time to make and send valentines to everyone and to make sure the place is all festive in advance. What's so wrong with hearts and doilies and pink anyway? Hope you all had a good love day (or week)!

This Weekend: Neighbourhood Tour Edition

Monday, February 21, 2011

We took a walk around our neighbourhood this weekend and since it was a rare sunny day, I took a bunch of pictures. I'm really loving our new neighbourhood here in Amager, it has much more of a community feel than in Christianshavn. It's also a really funny mix of architectural styles: beautiful old buildings, retro store fronts, projects like the library which is in a converted factory, and newer housing developments. Here's a little tour:

An example of some of the beautiful old buildings and an old factory behind it. The streets in this neighbourhood are all named after European countries and cities which makes it seem all fancy pants. I wish I lived in that top turret of this building!

Our new favourite local coffee shop, even though we haven't actually been yet we talk about going often and it looks really cozy inside. I also didn't notice this dad with a baby inside his jacket until I uploaded these photos, so cute!

One of the many cute little flower shops in the neighbourhood. I love all the speciality shops.

An amazing old school Danish bodega (pub). Apparently someone was killed here! Even cooler.

The tobacco and wine shop. I love all these old shop signs and that they are still functioning stores.

The butcher, closed on the weekend much to this older man's disappointment. Most everything around here is closed on Saturday and/or Sunday which is a bit hard to get used to but makes for a relaxing weekend since you can't rush around doing errands.

A classic Chinese take away restaurant. We have a dangerous amount of take away places nearby: Chinese, Thai, sushi, pizza and Indian.

Nathanaels Kirke, built in 1899. I haven't been inside yet but I love the carved wooden doors.

The church from the side angle, a newer take on the traditional Danish Romanesque style. The library is just behind the church in a converted factory, they share a courtyard.

The back of the library which is in the building to the right. This annex is where lectures and events in conjunction with the library take place. The library organizes a ton of community events, like concerts and beer tastings, which is really nice.

Another converted factory (look at the huge chimney!) and newer housing. This street (where we live, just down from here) has been part of a community project that includes this walking path, community gardens, basketball courts, a stage and outdoor living areas along the boulevard

Old and new architecture. This is a recreation centre and an apartment building just across the street from us. There is an outdoor ping pong area just in front which will be great once it is finally spring here. Thanks for making it all the way through the tour! Hopefully I've got you excited about visiting Amager one day. Did I mention that the beach is just on the other side of us?

The Fint & Dejlig shop is open!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My little vintage shop is now officially open! I had wanted to finish adding all the items and pretty it up a bit but I started selling things so I figured it was time to open. So, yay! Lots more nice and lovely things to come soon. I'd also like to start selling some prints and crafty things so stayed tuned. For now, another one off the list.

Wedding Planning, Part 1

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've had a lot of questions about wedding planning and since my would be maids are spread out around the world, I figured I would share. Even though the wedding is less than two months away now (!) we don't have all the details figured out yet. It's going to be a very small and simple wedding though so we should be ok. We had a bit of a marathon planning session on Sunday and I think we are heading in the right direction. The plan is to get married at Copenhagen city hall on April 13th (our 8th anniversary) with our families then have a little champagne and dessert reception at our place before heading out for a dinner with the fam. We're still not entirely sure about the reception and dinner locations but we're hoping to have that sorted out by the end of the week. Here is what I have so far to give you an idea of what we are thinking of in terms of style and colours: my dress (don't worry, Mark's seen it), vintage honeycomb bells that I found at home during my Christmas visit, gray envelopes, white card stock and a silver pen for making the paper goods, my MAC make up palette and silver heart confetti. I've also starting organizing my inspiration pictures on Pinterest, if you are interested in seeing more. We still have a lot of practical things to do and I'm trying to figure out what projects I want to take on so I'll keep y'all updated. Let me know if you have any ideas or questions!

P.S. Maybe I should make a commemorative tea towel?

Tiggy's Sweet Sixteen

Monday, February 14, 2011

I know, I'm killing everyone with all the cat photos! I promise I'm not turning into a (completely) crazy cat lady but it was Tiggy's 16th birthday last Thursday so we decided to throw him a little party. Since it's his first birthday in Denmark, he had to have a flag (Danes love their flag!) in his tuna cupcake and a little party hat. How funny is the last picture? Totally overdone on tuna, ha ha. I haven't gotten back into my picture taking habit so I don't have any pictures from this weekend. I passed my Danish exam on Friday (yay!) and the rest of the weekend was filled with dinner parties, yoga, smoothies, sunny bike rides, more parties, and a quiet Sunday. Now it's on to finding a job this week! We'll see what I come up with. I'm thinking of maybe trying nannying? And Happy Valentine's, friends! Even though so many people are against it, I love Valentine's day. And since I'm a bit behind with being sick and studying, I've decided to have Valentine's week instead of just today because it would be a bit sad if I didn't get to bake something sweet and decorate with hearts and doilies. I have the funniest conversation heart that I brought from back home! I guess half of them have to be in French now because this one says "Fax Moi". Amazing.

A little quilt for little Lily

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of the best things about staying home longer was being able to meet Lily Eleanor Clancy, the most beautiful babe. I had started cutting out the pieces for this quilt in the summer when I found out my lovely friend Kate was pregnant and luckily I was able to sew it up over the holidays in time for Lily's arrival. It's really a fake quilt, I cheated by using a machine and just sewing the rows of squares to a backing of fleece so Lily could stay warm in the winter. I love the vintage fabric but it kept fraying when I washed the blanket which is super impractical for a baby blanket. It does look cute though. I also found this linen bunny here in Denmark and a pair of vintage baby moccasins to go with the quilt. So making a quilt is crossed off the list for now. I hope you like your blanket, sweet Lily! And Tiggy was also quite happy with his dapper little bow fashioned from a scrap of the gingham fabric.

Winter Goals

Monday, February 7, 2011

More lists! We'll see how it goes with this one, it's a bit late already and I'm trying to take it a little easy. Some are carried over from my fall list, some are new. Any ideas/suggestions/helpful tidbits?

Winter Goals:
  1. Find a job
  2. Decorate our apartment
  3. Apply for grad school
  4. Plan our wedding
  5. Start baking bread
  6. Stop eating sugar (for a while)
  7. Stop buying cheap stuff
  8. Start dressing up more
  9. Sew a dress
  10. Sew some pillows
  11. Make cleaning supplies
  12. Learn embroidery
  13. Start using film again
  14. Buy cat friendly plants (and not kill them)
  15. Knit a pair of socks
  16. Start a daily sketchbook/journal
  17. Start running
  18. Explore Copenhagen more
  19. Make a terrarium
  20. Make and send cards more

Home is wherever I'm with you

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're home! Tiggy did amazing on the flight back and is settling right in to his new home. I'm also slowly settling back into my life here. It's always a bit bittersweet coming and going from my two homes. I'm still a bit sick somehow and I'm hoping to finally kick this bug pretty soon because I have so many things I'd like to do! Right now I'm focusing on studying for my Danish exam next week so things might still be a bit quiet around here until then. Besides that, we've been working hard on getting our apartment set up, exploring our new neighbourhood, getting starting on wedding planning and catching up with friends and family. I've started on a winter goals list too which I'll post soon. Getting sick this winter holiday was a really good lesson on letting things go and it's something I'd really like to keep in mind for the rest of this year. I'm trying not to control things too much and to just enjoy where this adventure takes me. Oh, and I finally finished knitting a cable cowl! I made this one at home using local Cowichan wool so it is super warm. Tiggy has been using it as his cozy as the Danish winter is a bit chilly for him. More soon, friends.

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