Friday, April 15, 2011

We did it! Despite a moment the day before where I felt that nothing would be done in time, things went off without a hitch. I am so humbled and grateful for our community of friends and family, I can't remember feeling so much love before. It was simply an amazing day. Hilda posted a little peek at our wedding photos already on her blog. I can't wait to see the rest, she did an incredible job. Thanks again, everyone.

Reception Menu

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our family begins to arrive today (yay!) so this will be the last wedding post for the next little while. I might be back the week after next sharing some photos of touristy around Copenhagen but otherwise things will be quiet here. I'll definitely post some wedding photos from Hilda once I have them though! Since I've been working on finalizing all the food and drink details for the wedding, I thought I would share the menu for our reception. Because I am a crazy person, I decided that I wanted to the menu to have a cohesive theme and colour palette so it would fit with the rest of our wedding design. Yes, crazy. So I decided to blend Danish and Canadian traditions together with a Scandinavian afternoon tea menu. Afternoon tea is probably my favourite meal (if it is even a meal) of all time and the Danes love their smørrebrød and treats so it seemed to fit well. We'll be testing out the cupcakes and champagne with our families on Monday to make sure it's all up to standard. Thanks for sticking it out through all the wedding posts here and for all your sweet messages and cards. It means the world to us. See you back here when I'm a married lady!

- Scandinavian Afternoon Tea Menu -

Tea sandwiches (cucumber and mint and egg roulade)

Smushi (Sushi style smørrebrød, inspired by The Royal Cafe)

Local cheese plate with crackers

Strawberries with mint

Moose shaped sugar cookies

Thumbprint lingonberry jam cookies

Danish butter cookies

Beetroot cupcakes with fennel cream cheese icing (gluten free and vegan)

Carrot cupcakes with maple cream cheese icing

Assorted white candy: mints, licorice, marshmallows, Jordan almonds, etc.



Japanese Sour Cherry tea

Strawberry mint water

{Image of a salmon smushi via The Royal Cafe}

Wedding Outfit

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So this post seems a little self indulgent but what I've been asked the most about is what I am wearing. And it was actually kind of helpful to see it all mocked up. Sorry for the bad quality, I'm lazy and just used Polyvore which clips all the backgrounds out but sometimes looks strange. I'm also sorry if you think it should be a surprise! Just pretend you didn't see this. Mark knows exactly what I'm wearing anyway, don't fret. As you know, I'm wearing this dress from Urban Outfitters and decided to keep it simple with the accessories after thinking about it way too much. What is it about weddings that makes you totally indecisive and superficial, anyway? Strange. I got some really comfortable black pumps from Payless during a super sale (I know, classy. But the only other shoes I liked were vintage Louboutin's, ok?!). I looked for a less teacher-y looking option but couldn't find any that I could stand all day in since I never wear heels. Since it's still a bit chilly here, I'll probably be wearing black tights and I've borrowed a coat from a friend that looks pretty similar to this vintage one. I'm going to wear my standard pearl earrings and use my mom's wedding purse, a vintage white leather envelope purse that I've been using for years without realizing that it was from her wedding. And of course, I'll be using my grandmother's vintage wedding band as well. I've decided to attempt putting my hair up in Heidi braids (the only style I thought I might be able to pull off myself) and instead of a bouquet, I'm going to tuck some tiny white flowers into the braids. I'm keeping the makeup simple and natural as well, with a lot of pink, blushy shades and some Coco. You can see the entire look in this photo, taken after my MAC trial although the lighting is a bit off. I don't really dress up that often so I've been a bit nervous about what to wear but hopefully I'll just feel like a slightly prettied up version of myself. And thanks for getting through this epic post!

The Great Suit Search

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I wanted to come up with some sort of funny name for this post but gave up. Since the wedding crafts are done, we are moving on to getting our outfits together which has been a bit of a challenge. There isn't a ton of wedding things that boys seem to get into so I thought I should include this. Mark has been hunting for a suit to wear and we narrowed it down to these two this weekend. The one of the left is from Zara and the one on the right is from Filipa K, a Swedish label. He was looking for something really nice and classic that he could wear again and again. It was actually pretty fun shopping for a suit, I learnt a lot about how complex menswear can be! After some deliberation, he ended up deciding on the Filipa K suit and is off to get it tailored today. As for accessories, he's wearing a vintage skinny tie that I found (that still has it's 1966 tag on it), vintage dress shoes, a simple black belt from Zara and these Scrabble cufflinks that I gave him for our five year anniversary. Now we just need to get him a ring!

Also, sorry for all the crazy stuff happening with my posts! I finally figured out how to change the time from Canadian to Danish which messed everything up for a bit but it should be fine now.

P.S. Mark will probably be embarrassed about this post but I think he's cute so here it is.

Crafts Update

Monday, April 4, 2011

In case anyone is somehow still interested, here is a bit more about how the wedding crafts turned out. I made a bunch (pun intended!) more paper flowers this weekend so they will be ready to be glued onto branches once I cut them. I snuck them past Tiggy who was sleeping in his usual spot on the little shelf above the radiator. And the linens have dried to a nice ombre blue grey that I'm pretty happy with. So now that the crafts/decorations are done, we are focusing on finding Mark a suit and a ring (more on that tomorrow), and finalizing the food/drink details. Which means champagne and cake tastings, yum! And besides a bit of fussing on my part over the place not being "finished" enough by my standards for the guests that are arriving this weekend, things are falling into place. I've also started Danish lessons again and so with everything, posting here might be a bit light. Or not, depending on how much I feel like venting about all things wedding. Thanks for listening and reading, friends!

Happy Friday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I have the best friends! Look at these amazing handmade cards I've gotten in the mail lately. I love them. Allie was sweet enough to make the one on the right for our engagement and when Bibi's arrived in the mail yesterday, I thought they looked so good together. I'm really impressed that Bibi found out how to say congratulations in Danish! I'm so lucky. I also roped in another sweet friend to make pizza and paper flowers last night. The colours are a bit strange in the photos, they are more of a light pink and peach. But unfortunately, these ones didn't last long. Who knew Tiggy liked tissue paper so much? I don't have any links for you today but I hope it's a good weekend. As you can see, it's a bit grey and dark today but I'll be inside making flowers all day so it's ok.

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