Holiday Gift Guide, Pt. III

Thursday, November 24, 2011

For Your Fur Baby

No gift guide would be complete without something for your fur babies or the crazy cat ladies in your life. I just *might* be one of them. I'm a little obsessed with my guy (see: grey cat as my banner). I'm planning on making Tiggy his own little stocking and some homemdae cat treats. He also gets a can of this for Christmas dinner, which is hilarious but he loves it! There's lots of cute things for dogs but they always seem to get more attention when it comes to well designed pet products. Luckily, there are more and more places coming up with cat centric goods. My friend has a lovely "bespoke kitten boutique" and Martha has some good ideas (as always!) for handmade cat gifts. Here are some other favourites:

Zoe Karseen - I Heart Cats shirt, $92
Oh Boy Cat Toy - Log catnip toy, $12
Loyal Luxe - Canadian cat cabin (I love this), $33.99
Heads & Tails - Dried sardine treats, $6.99
Mungo & Maud - Wooden bowl, £93.00
Loyal Luxe - Faux bearskin, $30
Catbird - Cat ring, $150
Fieldguided - Dreamcats 2012 calendar, $30


  1. I love this post in so so many ways. Now all Rune has to do is put a kitten in a box with a bow and we're off to the races....
    Also Louisiana exhibition looks amazing. I haven't been out there in ages and would love to go sometime soon. And the peanut butter brownies.....they are on my christmas baking list. yes yes yes

  2. I should have probably put a kitten in a box with a bow on this list. That would be my dream come true! Ahh.

    We should go to Lousiana together! Maybe in Jan? And we will bake together soon of course too.


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