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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've been such a bad blogger lately, I am having a hard time getting back in the habit and have just been on Instagram instead. Which is kind of like the new blogging, right? Anyway, I just wanted to leave a quick note to say hello, and that I miss you all. We had an amazing trip to Amsterdam and I have plenty of photos to show and gushing to do. But I have been in serious Danish bootcamp since we got back, in preparation for my final exams that start next month. Mark and I are trying to only speak Danish together and I'm spending my spare moments in the library instead of looking at pretty things on the internet. So now my head is swimming with all these funny words which doesn't leave room for much else. But here are some things that have sneaked in there, between all the æ's and ø's, that I like. 

1. The perfect shade of pink lipstick, as recommended by Angela. She has the best taste, as evidenced by the sweet package she sent me last week. I will have to show you some of the goodies I got. Thanks again, lady!
2. Another lady I am lucky to know, Lissa, who sews up the most amazing creations. And still found time to take Mark out in Montreal! This dark side of the moon dress makes me anxious to finally, finally get a sewing machine and make some things. I'm so embarrassed that I still haven't used the Wiksten Tova pattern she have me for the Christmas before last. Summer dress, maybe?
3. I am loving the new season of Mad Men. I wasn't totally sold at first, but a few seasons in and it is as great as ever. The characters, the clothes. Also, Don's new place? So groovy. I really liked Miss Moss' Zoo be zoo be zoo post.
4. I am in love with the new silk scarves by Fieldguided. Actually I love most everything Anabela and Geoff make, also this reflective bike collar which I really want to replicate. You know, with that non-existent sewing machine I keep talking about. 
5. We started getting fruits and veggies from our food co-op again and I am really excited about all things in season right now. I'm also just excited to start cooking again, since I pretty much lived off ramen while Mark was away. I made this asparagus and leek quiche the other night (Martha's pie crust recipe is da bomb) and this rhubarb and strawberry custard looks like something I need to eat really quite soon. 
6. The apartment we rented in Amsterdam was filled with plants and since we got back I've been feeling like our place really needs some. Since we don't have much room, I'm thinking of  making some hanging plants. I bought some pink rope, now I just have to find some plants. Cat + plant lady, here I come. 

Easter Making

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It was so nice to have some time over the Easter weekend to relax and make things. The grey, rainy Danish spring isn't that inspiring but it is perfect for having a cozy weekend at home, which is just what I needed. Some of the things I did to be festive in between pots of tea and episodes The Walking Dead: decorated Easter eggs using natural dye from beets and blueberries and decoupaged some others, hung up little painted eggs on my gold branches from Festelavn, had dyed eggs and bunny toast, knit a super quick ear warmer for these still cold spring days, baked hot cross buns, used the leftover natural dye to dye wooden beads to make more necklaces, made Easter vanilla sugar cookies (unfortunately I put them away too early which messed up the icing a bit), and tried but failed to get Tiggy in the spirit with a bunny pal. I even had time to do a spring cleaning of the apartment, go out to Lousiana to see the Women of the Avant-Garde exhibition and to have lots of tea dates with friends and Skype chats with family. Good weekend! I had to keep myself busy so I wouldn't be jealous that Mark took a last minute trip from Montreal to New York to see our friends there. I was actually really content being on my own for most of the holiday weekend, and although I'm happy that I'm getting better at being alone, sometimes I worry that I'm just getting better at distracting or entertaining myself. I have no idea what I would do if I was alone for a long weekend with no technology, which is a bit scary. Sometimes I feel like I am walking around in my own little bubble of podcasts and blogs. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Maybe it's because I watched this TED talk today about being connected but alone. Technology is cray cray, man. But enough rambling for now. 

Easter Smørrebrød Picnic

Monday, April 9, 2012

Last week Brittany invited me to an lovely Easter picnic in Dyrehaven, and Hilda worked her magic and took some photographs for Kinfolk and West Elm. Brittany brought along a basket of beautifully dyed eggs and chef Paul put together some tasty Danish style smørrebrød for us. Even though the park wasn't quite as spring-like as we were hoping, a herd of deer passed us by towards the end of our picnic which totally made up for the lack of green grass and blossoms. It was really such a fun day, I think I was laughing the entire time (see above scrunchy face photo). Thanks for bringing me along! And you can see more pictures on everyone's blogs, too. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and ate lots of eggs. 

At Home: Maya & Anna

Friday, April 6, 2012

Maya having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. She recently finished a degree in psychology and is planning on continuing with her masters next year. 

Their vintage bookshelf takes up an entire wall in the living room. The taxidermy in the centre was their wedding present to each other.

Their cat, protecting her chair and owl friend.  

 The entrance to their apartment.

Art waiting to be framed in the bedroom. Anna studies media and film. 

Silk pillows and jars of water on the bedside table.

Cozy clothes and blankets on the bedroom floor..

Gurskyesque spices and storage in the kitchen.

Collage on the bathroom cabinet, including a magnet from Maya's home state of Oklahoma.

Isn't Maya and Anna's place amazing? I was so grateful to them for letting me snoop around. I hope you all have a great Easter weekend! Mine is going to be pretty quiet, I'm really looking forward to having a little break. Today I am making hot cross buns and doing some spring cleaning, which I am probably too excited about. 

At Home: Nicola & Rune

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I thought I would start posting the series of pictures from my exhibition that is up at Retro this month, for those of you that aren't around to see it. Here is what I wrote as an introduction to the exhibition: In this series I wanted to explore different concepts of home and what it means to be at home somewhere. Besides the public actions of learning a language, finding work and building a community, what do immigrants do to create a new home more literally? Someone’s apartment or house is of course a very personal space, filled with objects that have meaning and memory attached. So then does decorating a home function as a way of home making for immigrants? How does architecture create a framework for personal history and identity? To investigate these questions, I photographed the homes of several people and couples with an international background. It is not meant as a comprehensive study, rather as a small glimpse into what home can mean to different people.

Fist up is my fellow Canadian turned Copenhagener buddy, Nicola

Nicola knitting and having tea, at the kitchen table which is decorated with flea market finds

Rune's antler cigar cutter and family photos

Nicola's wedding dress hanging in their bedroom window

Bedtime reading: Classic Canadian stories by author Stuart McLean 

Nicola's shoe collection, ever expanding due to her position as accessories manager for Urban Outfitters

Canadiana pillows made by Nicola, and a Hudson's Bay Blanket from her mom 

Well loved moccasin slippers, worn out from crossing feet. 

Vintage cigar boxes hold favourite jewelry and toiletries in the bathroom 

Rune's dress shirts, which he wears to his job as an analyst at Statoil. 

April Etsy Treasury

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling a bit homesick and having some post-winter blues. I've been feeling much better this week, and I'm hoping that April is going to be a good month. Even if it did snow yesterday. Curating this month's Etsy treasury has put me in the mood for spring showers, cups of tea and flowers. I've been watching too much of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead lately, so it's nice to look at some pretty things for a change. 

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