Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some pictures from our Christmas this year. We spent Christmas eve at the brother-and-sister-in-law's, and it was my first really Danish Christmas, complete with candles and dancing around the tree. So cozy. Christmas morning we kept our tradition of going for a beach walk with Nicola and Rune in the afternoon before lounging around making pizza, playing board games in the afternoon and skyping with our families while wearing our matching Christmas pajamas. Ugh. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends here, there and all over. Hope you all had  lovely time with your loved ones too. I'm already taking down all our Christmas decorations and getting packed to go back to Canada on Friday! For two months! I can't wait. More updates once I'm there but have yourself a merry rest of the holiday season, friends.

Winter Solstice + My Scandinavian Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2012

I just wanted to stop in and point you over to The House that Lars Built where I was honoured to participate in Brittany's My Scandinavian Christmas series. I've been so impressed by what the other bloggers came up with that I was a bit nervous about my turn. But I wanted to write about celebrating solstice, since it's a new tradition that I've started and have really been enjoying. So, happy solstice friends! Enjoy these days cozy, quiet days of darkness before the craziness of Christmas is upon us. Already our place has turned into a Christmas factory - last minute shop orders and presents being packed, cards being written, and concoctions bubbling and baking away. I'd highly recommend listening to this episode of This American Life while finishing up your Christmas projects or while curled up on the couch with some hot chocolate tonight. 

Christmas in Copenhagen

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some pictures from around town lately, all from my Instagram, of course. I promise I'll be taking the real camera out soon.  I really like the Afterglow app though, and have been trying hard not to put circle and triangle frames on every picture. The snow has almost melted away but it's still feeling a lot like Christmas here. Danes do Christmas right, there are lights and candles and decorations up just about everywhere. I think it's giving our apartment an inferiority complex. I finished up all my school stuff last week - had my last Danish class ever and last exam for a while (I failed one part due to my chronic language exam nervousness that I'll have to retake in the spring), and wrapped up my architecture & design course with an exhibition and a bit too festive party. I still have to show you all the work I did this fall at school! I'll be working on getting it all photographed and portfolio ready, so I'll show you some photos soon. I learnt so much, and it was so great being able to play around and make things day. I've missed that. So now I have a bit of time to catch up on all the projects I haven't had time for, and to craft and bake like crazy in preparation of Christmas. I'm hoping there will be some time to just sit with a book, too. I'll be popping in here now and then but won't promise anything given my recent track record. But you can find me on Instagram and Pinterest too. I hope you all have a lovely, lovely holiday. 

DIY White Christmas Decorations

Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is the last in my mini series of the easiest/laziest DIY Christmas decorations ever. These ones really are. That was the whole point. If you are anything like me, and are spending your Christmas season at the library or are just busy with life instead of at home handcrafting things, then this might be for you. Even though I'm heading into my last week of exam craziness, even I managed to find the supplies for these decorations around my place and take five minutes to make these while listening to a debate on Danish radio. Yes, this is what my life has come to. Only one more week. I don't think any instructions are necessary for these, so I'll just write out what I did but just ask if you have any questions. 

Dip dyed jar / I taped off a clean peanut butter jar using painter's tape and painted it white. I used model paint because I find it gives a slightly glossy finish and better opacity but you could also use acrylic. I found that these wide neck jars are the perfect size for a short pillar candle. 

Painted deer / I used an old plastic deer I've had for years (I bought it at the zoo) but you could use any plastic animal or toy from the dollar store or thrift store. I think a few different animals would look really cute. Again, I used model paint but any paint would do. 

Wool pom pom / I took a bit of yarn from my stash and made a pom pom using the fork method. You can also try the cardboard method, or pom pom makers if you have them. You can often find cheap, acrylic yarn at the dollar store, or better quality cheap yarn at the thrift store. 

DIY Winter Room Spray

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When I saw this idea for a winter room spray, I thought that it would make a perfect quick Sunday afternoon project. I love essential oils and often put together a blend in an oil warmer but I've been neglecting them lately in favour of cedar incense. So this seemed like a great way to use up some of my stash of oils. Now once a day I open the windows for a few minutes and spray this around the apartment which keeps things smelling appropriately winter-y and not stale. I doubled the original recipe and used equal parts peppermint, rosemary and cinnamon essential oils for my blend but other favourites are sweet orange and clove or cedar and juniper. I just used one of the recycled bottles that I hoard, and put a chalkboard label on it. I got impatient with putting packing tape over top to laminate it though, so I would suggest doing it a bit more carefully if you want it to look a bit nicer than mine. Happy *spritzing*, ha ha. 

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