Helsinki, pt. III

Sunday, June 30, 2013

While we were in Helsinki, we were able to meet up with some friends, which just made the trip that much better. Our Danish/Finnish friend from high school, Henna was nice enough to meet us for drinks and showed us around her neighbourhood, which is where all the cool kids hang out. Henna is hilarious, and showed us such a good time, introducing us to her Cheers like local bar where everyone knew each other. It's crazy to look at these photos and see how much colder it was there in April! Apparently there is a bit of a heat wave there right now? Almost hard to imagine. Anyway. We were also lucky enough to meet the internet's cutest couple - Susk and Banoo! I'm glad we both overcame our awkwardness shyness to meet up in real life, because those two are some of the sweetest (and funniest) people I've met. Such gems. Despite being "bloggers", the only photo I managed to take was this underexposed corner of their lovely place. But still, proof. 


Friday, June 28, 2013

All our exams and applications are done, and although it's been a bit grey and rainy here lately, it still feels like summertime. The days are so long, and we've been taking almost nightly evening walks, which are my favourite. There have been attempted picnics (weather not permitting), our container garden is growing, and in our apartment there are jazz records on repeat, peonies on the table and homemade iced tea in the fridge. We've had over a month of visitors here, first Mark's dad and then my mom (both here to celebrate my brother in law's wedding), and then another friend from Canada that I hadn't seen in years. Such a treat. There will be a few more guests this summer too, which is giving me more reason to get our tiny apartment sorted out and scrubbed down. There are a few more adventures planned too, hiking in Norway, a road trip around the island of Bornholm and Croatia with friends. I still have a few more pictures of Helsinki in April, and even more of the trip my mom and I just took to Turkey to share too. So, I guess this might turn into a travel blog for a little while? Sorry, guys.

I thought I would break up all the travel posts with a few summer favourites. I've been watching lots of old movies lately (thanks Netflix!), because films like Giant, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Streetcar Named Desire and East of Eden seem to be fitting for summer nights. Most of these I already saw during a 'James Dean phase' I went through when I was around 15, but they definitely deserve a re-watching (I mean, look at that still from Giant). They've been making me want to live in classic chambray shirts and headscarves (so good for gross bangs!) for the summer months. I wish I was brave enough to wear some overalls, one of my childhood favourites. I once told my mom that I would wear overalls and braids to my wedding, which I guess would be fairly on trend right now? Ha. And I finally joined all the cool moms and ordered some Salt Water Sandals for the summer too. What are you guys watching/wearing these days?

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