Clay Ornaments

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nicola and I had a little crafting/mulled wine drinking/treat eating night last week and made these clay ornaments. We had plans to try to make our own dough, but then decided to go the easy route and buy some air dry clay. These were super simple to make, you just roll out the clay on a baking sheet, cut the shapes out with cookie cutters, and poke a hole with a skewer. We tried using alphabet stamps but liked the natural look of pressing a bit of pine into the clay best. We let them dry for a few days out on a baking tray (both our husbands thought they were cookies after getting home late that evening from their respective Christmas parties, ha ha) and then sanded the edges and holes with an emery board before threading in some twine. I think leather would look lovely too. We got a ton of ornaments out of one $10 slab of clay, so it's a really affordable and easy way to make a bunch of little presents. I'm flying home tomorrow so I'll be bringing these with me to give out. I'm so excited to be going back but I'll miss this little face who is always so interested when the camera comes out. Luckily I know she will be super spoiled at one of her auntie's houses while we are away. Happy holidays to you all!

P.S. My talented friend Karen also made some of these clay ornaments with dala horses and doilies - so cute!

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