Spring Dreaming

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I love living in a place that has defined seasons. As much as I miss the temperateness of the west coast, I like seeing the difference spring makes to people in Nordic countries. Back home spring means cherry blossoms and switching to an even lighter jacket. Here spring means a completely different lifestyle. As soon as the sun comes out, the Danes flock outside and soak it up. It's kind of nice, that feeling of having to take full advantage of it, although it can actually stress me out a bit sometimes. People are noticeably happier, and I definitely feel like I have so much more energy. It was warm enough last week to lie in the park, sipping a cider and being surrounded by a sea of flower bulbs. I'm starting to get used to this idea of seasonal living. That it's ok that I want mostly to be at home in the winter, do hot yoga, go to bed early. I'll have time to read outside in the park, take naps, start running again now that the days are longer and lighter. It sounds cliche, but it is such a time of inspiration. I am so full of ideas big and small - of places I want to go, things to do and make, that I decided to write it all down to get it out of my head. 

Plan my trip to Japan
- Despite a pile of books on my bedside table, I still have done nothing about this. Although it's a school trip, I'll be there for a few extra days before and after and I know that I want to make the most of it. I have a bunch of Japanese films I'd like to watch too. Any recommendations of places/books/films are more than welcome!

Explore more of Copenhagen - With school just a ten minute bike ride away, I haven't really ventured out of the Amager/Christianshavn/Holmen area for a while. I'd like to spend more time around Frederiksberg, since it's so pretty and probably the place that I know the least. I'd also like to finally get my act together and make a Copenhagen guide, since I always get some visitors in the summer and often get emails about places to go here and I'm so out of the loop right now!

Do some apartment projects - We have kind of just left our apartment as is for the last three years, and it is definitely time to put a little love into it. Things need to be purged and painted, there is art to frame and hang, and I'd like to replant our herb garden in the courtyard. I'm hoping that I can familiarize myself with the wood shop at school so I can make some custom shelves and a couple of other things too.

Learn how to weave & knit more - I've been meaning to teach myself this for a while. I keep seeing gorgeous weavings and wall hangings and I think it would be a great project that could be taken to parks and cafes and a way to use up my yarn stash. I am also determined to learn how to knit some baby clothes, since I have another niece or nephew on the way this summer. 

Read, read, read - I used to read a ton and am still trying to get back into the habit. I would especially like to read a bunch of architecture and urban design/planning books this summer (I'm also going to try to teach myself some CAD programs, which should be interesting), as well as some good fiction. It's been a while since I've had of one those can't-put-it-down experiences (The Goldfinch didn't do it at all for me). And I'd like to treat myself to some new magazines, Synonym Journal and Oak both look great. Summer book club, anyone? 

Make a yoga & meditation corner - I don't like going to hot yoga as much in the summer for obvious reasons, and I'm getting better at having a home practice so I'd really like to have a dedicated space for it in our place. I like the idea of having a little altar-like spot with candles and crystals and all those pretty things. Anabela finds the best yoga related stuff: here, here and here.

Finally organize all those photos
- I started archiving our family photos the winter before last, and I'm hoping to get more done when I go back home in August. Besides family photos, I also have boxes full of high school photos there (so many artsy shots, ha) and Mark and I have boxes of negatives and Super 8 film that isn't even developed yet. Then there is my iPhoto situation, which has crashed and rebuilt itself so many times that it is a total mess. In an ideal world, I would also print out our photos into nice albums one day. We'll see.

Set up the camper van and take it on a trip - My mom has this old camper van that is equal parts hilarious and great and even though it has seen better days, it got us down the 101, to Yosemite and back, and we have a soft spot for it. Now with all our parents recently moving and living in smaller places, we are thinking that having a camper van back home might be the perfect solution for us to have our own space while visiting and a way to do some road trips at the same time. For now we are thinking of getting my mom's up and running, but we've been looking into getting our own and fixing it up just the way we want. This one is my dream and this 1950's camper reno is also pretty nice.

All photos from my Pinterest, the best form of procrastination.

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