So Long, Summer

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Now that our glimpses of an Indian summer are decidedly over, I thought an update of sorts was long overdue on this space. It seems I'm posting seasonally these days, so what better way to start again than with a farewell to this past summer. Last summer was one of those summers that seemed like it stretched on for ages, with lots of long days and long nights, morning swims in the ocean and meandering evening walks, and I felt like I at once did nothing and all too much. My usual dichotomy. I'm well aware though, that some day I won't have the luxury of these kind of summers, so I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. With that, here is a little summery summary of some of the things that filled my time.

I finally got around to seeing Terrence Malick's film The Tree of Life, and if you haven't already seen it, please go watch it. This is the kind of film that makes my heart physically ache because it is so beautiful to watch. The entire thing felt like summer to me, especially that nostalgia for childhood summers I always seem to get. Even though the setting was in a different time and place, it still felt so visceral and universal. It was interesting watching it this summer with all the Boyhood buzz, which I also loved, but it was just such a different take on similar themes. I'll spare you the essay I could write.

My first real architectural model of a building that I designed. There might have been blood, sweat and tears put into this. I wasn't completely satisfied with my final project of last year, but I was happy with how a lot of it turned out. I'm proud of myself for getting through my first year, and felt like I learnt so much in the process. Plus, for the most part, it was actually really fun. One of my summer goals was to make a more professional website and portfolio, but that didn't quite get done as I spent as much time outdoors and unplugged as I could this summer. It's probably better to do it on these darker and chiller evenings anyway.

Japan! I had been meaning to write a whole post about my trip in June, but I was so overwhelmed with impressions and ideas that I didn't know where to start. I still don't. It was a trip I had been dreaming about for so long, and I was in no way disappointed. The landscape, art, architecture, food, people, kawaii things galore. It was all amazing. I can't wait to go back and explore more. If you want to read more about Japan on a blog that does it justice, go over to my pal Rachel's site and have a peek at her archives. If it doesn't make you want to go there, I don't know what will. Ok, well, maybe this Moomin 'anti-loneliness' cafe that we went to will.

After I got back from Japan, Nicola and spent about a week or so crafting things (and swimming and picnicing - it was a good week!) for Fog & Cedar. We had both gotten looms earlier in the spring, and finally put them to use. I'm still definitely a weaving beginner, but I'm hoping to follow Nicola's lead and get more into it this fall. It's so nice and relaxing. We've also been experimenting with some new materials and styles of necklaces that we're pretty excited about.

I also took part in an architecture workshop where we had a week to design and build a transportable structure that had multiple functions - a place for shelter, eating and swimming.  We were working at Papirøen (Paper Island) which is an old industrial area along the harbour that has been recently made public and revitalized with galleries and studios and a street food market. It was so fun to see how much life is being breathed into this new area, and to also get to use some power tools at the same time. I'd love to learn more about carpentry, and making things in general, but it was nice to make something real for a change.

And finally, we went back home to Canada for August. We took my mom's old camper van up to Tofino for a few days and did nothing but live on the beach for a few days. We also got to see two sets of dear friends get married, which is always so special and I was my normal teary mess. Somehow the month went by in a blur, but we got to do our favourite things, eat our favourite foods and most importantly spend time with some of our favourite people. Not a bad way to cap off the summer.

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