Monday, November 3, 2014

Growing up, Wednesday Addams was one of my earliest style icons. In grade two I was fairly obsessed with her, wearing my hair in braided pigtails and adopting an all black wardrobe. I have a non-smiling school photo of me from that year to prove it. I was equally obsessed with Christina Ricci, because she was just as cool in Now and Then, another childhood favourite. I can distinctly remember that the first website I ever visited when my parents got our desktop computer hooked up to the internet was a Christina Ricci fan site. It was such a thrill, and so novel, to see all that information, all those photos, available in an instant, and realizing that whatever I wanted see would be at my fingertips from then on. I take it for granted now, of course, just as I do so many things that were once thrilling and novel. It's something I'm working on, both trying to set limitations on my attachment to the constant stream of information available and trying to tap into a tiny bit of that sense of wonder and gratitude.

I've been having a hard time with both those things lately, as things have been a bit tough in general. I've been sick for several weeks now (nothing serious, just a nasty bug that won't quit) and that along with the increasingly darker and colder days has left me lacking in energy and motivation. I've been revisiting my posts on curing the winter blues, (here, here, here and here) as this is something that I struggle with every year and now have some tricks in my arsenal that sometimes help combat it, and am doing what I can to find happiness in the small things. Like watching this movie on Halloween. It seemed surprisingly un-dated for how old it is now. I found that I was still really into the aesthetics of the film - Wednesday is just as cool as ever, and the mansion still has a lot elements of my dream home, complete with secret revolving bookcases and trap doors. It also drove home another thing I'm trying to remember these days (and is also a big theme in this book which I am currently reading and loving), which is to stop taking myself so seriously. To relax and have fun while at the same time focus and work hard. It's such a juggling act sometimes, this being-a-grown-up business.

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